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General Resource Post

This post is for general resources for finding free and inexpensive eBooks. Please feel free to comment with anything I've missed. I'm especially interested in international and non-Kindle resources, as I am an American with a Kindle, who's less familiar with other options.

1. Your local library! In the United Staes, you can read library books on virtually any eReader. Outside the US, you can't yet read them on a Kindle, but, otherwise, any eReader should be good. Library books can also be checked out on smart phones, tables and your computer.

To find out if your library has eBooks, check your library's site or look at OverDrive. This is the system that most libraries use for eBooks.

Also, check out reciprocal agreements with other library systems in your area! A lot of libraries will let you get a library card if you already have a card at a nearby sytem.

2. Project Gutenberg. This is a fantastic resource for classics and out of copyright books. They're transcribed by volunteers, so you might find some typos here and there. Amazon and Barnes and Noble (and perhaps other book sites? Let me know!) also has a lot of these classics as free downloads. These can (as far as I know) be read on any device.

3. Every month, Amazon.com puts 100 eBooks on sale for $3.99 or less. I've found some awesome books I've wanted for a while this way! If you don't have a Kindle, you can read these on your computer or on a smart phone or tablet, using the Kindle App. I'm not sure about international availability. Let me know!

4. Amazon.com also has a Daily Deal, where they put one eBook on sale. They also post these on their Kindle Facebook page, which is how I keep track of them. Same restrictions as above apply.

5. Happy Ever After on Twitter posts deals for romance eBooks.

6. Barnes & Noble has a Nook Bargain section. They also have a Books Buddy app.

7. From stellicidio:

These are German books and you can only get them if you live in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg and Liechtenstein. There's also an English book they're offering:


They also got some other offers, German books under €2, €3, €5:




And the same for English books:




And here are some free classics:


8. Pixel of Ink has free and bargain eBooks.

9. eBook Fling is a site for swapping Kindle and Nook books.

Any other sites? Again, you can see my biases here, so please, please chime in with what I've missed!


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