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Legal eBooks
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A community for sharing bargains on free and inexpensive ebooks
This community's goal is to share tips and resources for finding free and inexpensive legal eBooks, in addition to sharing deals on eReaders and eReader accessories.

If possible, when posting about a deal (and if it's not a big site like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, where the restrictions are fairly well known), please post whether there are any restrictions for the book or deal you're sharing (such as whether it's only valid for a certain country or eReader).

The general resource post is here. Check it out for long term eBook deals and tips!

And don't feel like you need an eReader to join! You can also read eBooks on computers, smart phones and tablets.

The rules are pretty simple:
1. No sharing links to illegal eBooks. I know those are out there, but this is for those of us walking the straight and narrow path. :)
2. Go easy on the self-published books, especially if you haven't read them. Self-publishing is an awesome option, but these books tend to be cheaper in general and I don't want the community overwhelmed by them.